Bring Color Confidenceto Your Home Renovation

We help homemakers navigate the overwhelming multitude of paint color options for their home renovation, transforming this often stressful process into an enjoyable journey. Empowering you to choose the perfect hues for your home, reflecting your style and boosting your home's appeal.

Save Time & Money

Get Your Dream Home Transformation

Increase Your Home Appeal

Painting Your Home Can Feel Overwhelming

    Are you drowning in a sea of color options, struggling to make a decision, and feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
    Are you worried about making a costly mistake with your color choices that leads to regret and unnecessary repaints?
    Are you concerned that your color choices won't enhance your home's appeal and could even negatively affect its market value?

If this sounds like you, the good news is that you don't have to struggle any longer.

We Pick The Perfect Paint For Your Home So You Don't Have To

Achieve a beautifully painted home, get a renewed sense of confidence in your designs, experience less stress and enjoy your new living spaces.


Streamlined Color Selection

Say goodbye to overwhelm and simplify your color selection process with expert guidance, making home renovation a breeze, not a burden.


Save Time, Save Money

Avoid costly color mistakes and save hours pouring over paint swatches. Use that time to sit back, relax, and await your dream home transformation.


Tailored Especially To You

Get a color scheme specially curated to reflect your personal style and home's character, making your home as unique as you are.


Boosted Your Home Appeal

See your home's aesthetic appeal and market value rise with color choices that align with the latest trends and timeless classics.


Turn Your Home Renovation Stress Into Painting Success

Online Color Consultation

Our Online Color Consultation service is designed to bring expert color guidance right to your doorstep, no matter where you are. We provide a custom color scheme and a paint samples pack delivered to your doorstep, transforming the often stressful task of choosing paint colors into an enjoyable and rewarding process.
This online service ensures you receive the same quality advice and results you'd get in person, while saving you time.

In-Person Color Consultation

Our In-Person Color Consultation service offers hands-on, personalised guidance directly in your home. During this face-to-face session, our color experts visit your space to better understand its unique characteristics, lighting, and existing decor.
This in-person service adds a personal touch to your home renovation journey, making the process more interactive, engaging and fun.

~ Meet Your Guide ~

You Don't Have To Feel Overwhelmed

Meet Renato Vitolo - Head Of Design

Renato VitoloHead of Design @ Ned & Nancy's

I understand the struggle that comes with home renovation, especially when it involves deciding on the perfect color scheme. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by a sea of color options, unsure about which will best reflect your personal style, and worried about making a costly mistake.

With years of experience and a unique blend of artistic and scientific understanding, I'm fully equipped to guide you through this journey. I've helped countless customers navigate this process, transforming their homes into spaces they love and are proud to show off.



    Studied color at Parsons School of Design

    Studied consumer behavior to color at Copenhagen business school

    Member of the Paris Institute of Critical Thinking for Humanities and Arts



    Featured on MTV set design

    Featured on ITV Home Interiors TV Series

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in Europe

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in South Africa

Your Path to Color Confidence


Book a Color Consultation

Choose and schedule your personalized consultation that fits with your busy schedule and project requirements.


Share Your Vision

In the consultation, share your vision, style preferences, and any goals or concerns you have about your home renovation.


Get Your Custom Color Scheme

We'll provide a tailored color scheme and paint samples pack based on your vision and style preferences.


Enjoy Your Newly Transformed Home

Implement the suggested colors and watch your dream home come to life. A space uniquely yours.

Colour possesses a language without words . . . .