Meet our Head of Design 

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~ About us ~

Renato Vitolo has been a part of Ned and Nancy’s for over 10 years. Clients and industry insiders call him “a rare find”. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York where he studied colour. 
Renato has traveled extensively around Europe and the US perfecting his application techniques and colour knowledge.


Here is what he had to say:
How do you know when the design is “good’?
You need to create an atmosphere rather than just decorate a home. I look out for the personality of the space, the unique and tactile. If a space has created an experience for me, then the design will only complement it further.

When you say atmosphere, what does that mean to you?
There is a word the Danish use, hygge. It’s the concept of finding pleasure and comfort in simple soothing things. Hygge can be found walking into a bakery and feeling the warmth of the ovens on a winter’s morning. It can be found in the feeling of coziness, of staring into a fire with a soothing coffee and cherishing the little things.
How do you mix colour, beauty and function?
Firstly, there should always be harmony in the colour spectrum. I prefer a collection of items that tell a story rather than isolated objects. Space is well balanced when you position objects within it, that are arranged with visual impact but serve their purpose and function.


What inspires you?
I would put it down to three things, food, music and nature. I am awake and on the road running by 5 am, You see so many things you would not see otherwise. The sunrises have a spectrum of colour that just glints and I always look out for colour combinations that inspire me.
I love cooking, I had a restaurant when I was younger. But nothing beats going for dinner with a beautiful lady and savoring the “hygge” of the food, the company and the surroundings. As for music, I’ve been told it’s questionable, but you’ll often find me plugged in whilst I’m working. It helps me to work from the heart.
What do you see for the future of design?
There is no doubt that technology plays a big role. As a society, we have become very accustomed to instant gratification. I see a shift in the homes I work in becoming more soothing. Minimal is starting to make more inroads in South African design and culture.



    Studied color at Parsons School of Design

    Studied consumer behavior to color at Copenhagen business school

    Member of the Paris Institute of Critical Thinking for Humanities and Arts



    Featured on MTV set design

    Featured on ITV Home Interiors TV Series

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in Europe

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in South Africa

~ How we work ~

Just four simple steps to implement you project

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    Step 1. Initial consultation

    During this session, we take the time to get to know each other and discuss the project goals, inspiration, budget, timeline, and any special considerations.

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    Step 2. Design proposal

    Following the initial consultation, we develop a design proposal detailing the scope of services, estimated costs, and project timeline.

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    Step 3. Design development

    We develop a thoughtful and creative painting solution. This includes selecting materials and finishes and exploring concepts.

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    Step 4. Implementation

    This phase includes ordering product, coordinating with contractors, and overseeing installation. We take pride in ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

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