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Don't settle for a kitchen that doesn't inspire you. Our kitchen cupboard painting services will give you the kitchen of your dreams.

What you will get:

    A completed project in one week.
    A professional polite 2 person team.
    The Head of Design on Site for the project.
    Full colour consultation.
    Options to change handles.
    A clean kitchen you can still use in the evening whilst we are carrying out the work.
    A full service to fix all broken hinges, drawer runners and faulty cabinetry.

What you won’t get:

    Large teams dropped off and left unsupervised.
    Load-shedding interruptions. We come prepared with Lithium battery tools.
    Cheap paints or a thin sprayed finish.
    Any cabinetry leaving your home. We do all work onsite.
    Hidden costs or scary surprises.

So, you’re thinking of having your kitchen cupboards painted?

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Not only will we leave you with a stunning rejuvenated kitchen, but it's also an affordable option. Our prices start at just R8,950 making it an investment that won't break the bank. 
With our long-lasting finish, you'll enjoy the benefits of your new kitchen for years to come.

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~ Meet Your Guide ~

You Don't Have To Feel Overwhelmed

Meet Renato Vitolo - Head Of Design

Renato VitoloHead of Design @ Ned & Nancy's

I understand the struggle that comes with home renovation, especially when it involves deciding on the perfect color scheme. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by a sea of color options, unsure about which will best reflect your personal style, and worried about making a costly mistake.

With years of experience and a unique blend of artistic and scientific understanding, I'm fully equipped to guide you through this journey. I've helped countless customers navigate this process, transforming their homes into spaces they love and are proud to show off.



    Studied color at Parsons School of Design

    Studied consumer behavior to color at Copenhagen business school

    Member of the Paris Institute of Critical Thinking for Humanities and Arts



    Featured on MTV set design

    Featured on ITV Home Interiors TV Series

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in Europe

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in South Africa

~ Our Work ~

Make it stand out

Your kitchen may be slightly outdated, made from laminate, melamine or wood but is in dire need of updating. Have a look at what we’ve done by keeping the existing kitchen cabinets and adding our expert touch.


Kitchen Repainting - Paarl,Cape Town

In our recent project at Val de Vie Lifestyle Estate, we undertook the task of repainting a client's kitchen with precision and finesse. Our brief was to create a space that exceeds our client's vision for a stylish and functional kitchen.


Kitchen Repainting - Parkhurst, Johannesburg

This brief required selecting a colour palette that complemented modern textures, while maintaining the goal of creating the illusion of more space through subtle colour manipulation.


Kitchen Repainting - Sandton, Johannesburg

A case of an existing kitchen cabinetry in good condition, however, in need of an update. See how it got a fresh new look . . .


Kitchen Repainting - Somerset West, Cape Town

Exquisite countertops were installed by our client however the existing kitchen colour scheme did not work. Here is what we did...


Kitchen Repainting - Waterkloof, Pretoria

Kitchen are all used differently depending on your lifestyle. This kitchen is a real family gathering place.

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Questions you may have . . .



We can paint over laminate, wrapped doors, melamine, superwood and all types of kitchen cabinetry.



We will sort out all those issues that have been bothering you. We will fix broken hinges, damaged cupboards and wonky drawers.



Our Head of Design, Renato Vitolo, will be hands on painting on site, and oversee your project, from start to finish.



You will receive a full colour consultation. We studied colour at Parsons School of Design in New York and we’ve been doing this for 10 years, so we know our stuff.


You need to create an atmosphere rather than just decorate a home. I look out for the personality of the space, the unique and tactile. If a space has created an experience for me, then the design will only complement it further.

~ Renato Vitolo ~

Reimagine your space and  let's create it together . . . .