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In-Person Colour Consulting 

Decorating your home can be daunting and time-consuming. The wall colours are so important, but it’s nearly impossible to choose the perfect hue for every room, no matter how hard you try.

Create the perfect atmosphere with our in-person colour consults

Not only is it hard to find the perfect colours for your space, but DIY solutions don't adequately take into account variables like lighting and existing decor. Without an expert eye helping you choose your colour palette, you could end up with a look that is too safe, outdated, or simply wrong for your homeThat's why our in-person colour consults are so important! We'll provide personalized expertise and attention to ensure that your space looks amazing - no matter what kind of style you're going for. With our help, you'll have the confidence that comes with knowing that you made the perfect choice.

What we offer in our In-Person Consultations:

● Kitchen cupboard painting colour consultation● Front door colour consultation and interior doors and trims● Bedroom cupboard colour consultation● Exterior house colour consultation● Interior house consultation 1 room – 5+ rooms● Focal wall colour consultation● Bathroom vanity colour consultations


Transform your space - quickly, accurately and stress free! 

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Our expert team of colour consultants will work with you to find the perfect colour palette for your home.
Whether you want to create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere or a bold and lively one, we've got you covered. Our consultants take into account your personal style, existing decor, lighting, and architecture to create a beautiful transformation that suits your preferences. 
With our in-person colour consults, you'll get the personalized attention and expertise needed to make your space truly amazing. 
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~ Meet Your Guide ~

You Don't Have To Feel Overwhelmed

Meet Renato Vitolo - Head Of Design

Renato VitoloHead of Design @ Ned & Nancy's

I understand the struggle that comes with home renovation, especially when it involves deciding on the perfect color scheme. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by a sea of color options, unsure about which will best reflect your personal style, and worried about making a costly mistake.

With years of experience and a unique blend of artistic and scientific understanding, I'm fully equipped to guide you through this journey. I've helped countless customers navigate this process, transforming their homes into spaces they love and are proud to show off.



    Studied color at Parsons School of Design

    Studied consumer behavior to color at Copenhagen business school

    Member of the Paris Institute of Critical Thinking for Humanities and Arts



    Featured on MTV set design

    Featured on ITV Home Interiors TV Series

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in Europe

    Launch and Creation of two Interior design stores in South Africa

Colour possesses a language without words . . . .